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Publications CAN/CSA-Z902-15

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CAN/CSA-Z902-15 - Blood and blood components

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  • 2015

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  • CSA

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The third edition of CSA Z902 provides management requirements for facilities that collect, process, store, and use human blood components for transfusion. It helps to protect recipients of blood and blood components as well as personnel and others who are exposed to blood and blood components by addressing safety, efficacy and quality issues.

First published in 2004, this management standard applies to any organization that collects, processes, stores, or uses human blood components for transfusion and is a valuable tool to assist in the preparation of detailed specifications and operating procedures. Organizations that manage blood products but not blood components (e.g., a hospital pharmacy), are encouraged to review the relevant requirements for blood products and incorporate them as appropriate into their procedures.

Highlights of Z902

  • Includes requirements for policies and procedures, quality management, personnel, physical plant, and equipment
  • Outlines specific requirements to be included in the facilityís operating procedures for many critical activities including but not limited to: donor selection for allogeneic blood collection; collection of blood components for transfusion; preparation of blood components; testing and labelling of blood components; home transfusion; and records management
  • Includes informative annexes, tables and figures

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