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Publications A660-10 (R2014)

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A660-10 (R2014) - Certification of manufacturers of steel building systems

Publication Year:

  • 2010

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Reaffirmed Year:

  • 2014


  • CSA

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Intended Use

This Standard is intended to assist code enforcement officials and purchasers of steel building systems in determining the suitability and quality of steel buildings.

Because the manufacturer of these buildings is often remote from the building site and buildings are frequently sold through a dealer or contractor, and because local code enforcement officials may lack the capability to check the structural analysis of a building, problems may occur in determining the acceptability of such structures. It is the intent of this Standard and the accompanying certification program to help alleviate such problems.

This Standard requires that the manufacturer's production facilities, staff, and quality assurance systems be capable of reliably producing acceptable steel buildings. To ensure that these design and production capabilities are met and maintained, the Standard requires a manufacturing facility to be certified by a certification agency. In turn, the manufacturer certifies each building for a specific location by means of a certificate of design and manufacturing conformance, signed and sealed by a qualified professional engineer. This certificate lists key design criteria for review by code enforcement officials.

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