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Publications CAN/CSA-IEC 61400-24:12 (R2017)

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CAN/CSA-IEC 61400-24:12 (R2017) -Wind turbines - Part 24: Lightning protection (Adopted IEC 61400-24:2010, first edition, 2010-06)

Publication Year:

  • 2012

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Reaffirmed Year:

  • 2017


  • CSA

CSA Preface

This is the first edition of CAN/CSA-IEC 61400-24, Wind turbines - Part 24: Lightning protection, which is an adoption without modification of the identically titled IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) Standard 61400-24 (first edition, 2010-06). This Standard supersedes the previous edition, published in 2007 as CAN/CSA-C61400-24, Wind turbine generator systems - Part 24: Lightning protection (adopted IEC/TR 61400-24:2002). At the time of publication, IEC 61400-24:2010 is available from IEC in English only. CSA Group will publish the French version when it becomes available from IEC.


This International Standard applies to lightning protection of wind turbine generators and wind power systems.

Normative references are made to generic standards for lightning protection, low-voltage systems and high-voltage systems for machinery and installations and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

This standard defines the lightning environment for wind turbines and application of the environment for risk assessment for the wind turbine. It defines requirements for protection of blades, other structural components and electrical and control systems against both direct and indirect effects of lightning. Test methods to validate compliance are recommended.

Guidance on the use of applicable lightning protection, industrial electrical and EMC standards including earthing is provided.

Guidance regarding personal safety is provided.

Guidelines for damage statistics and reporting are provided.

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