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Training/Formation Maintenance of Electrical Systems based on CSA Z463

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Maintenance of Electrical Systems Based on CSA Z463 - Strategies for Developing & Implementing Effective Maintenance Plans

Duration: 1 day

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Maintenance of Electrical Systems Based on CSA Z463 - 1-Day

Course Includes Z463 Guideline and Student Handbook

Who Should Attend?

  • Electrical Safety Consultants
  • Industrial Equipment Reliability & Maintenance Specialists
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Operations/Plant Supervisors & Managers
  • Facilities Managers
  • Industrial Safety/Loss Management Insurance Specialists


  • None

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1-Day course

Learning Objectives

  • Differentiate between proactive and reactive maintenance strategies
  • Identify the best application for a range of maintenance strategies
  • Understand the link between electrical maintenance and workplace electrical safety
  • Become familiar with general maintenance practices such as insulation testing
  • Gain knowledge of specialized equipment and equipment-specific maintenance

Course Overview

This 1-day training course focuses on strategies that aid in establishing an electrical maintenance program under the framework of the new Z463 Guideline including principals of predictability, expected failure modes, and pre-emptive scheduled maintenance.

This course introduces maintenance strategies as part of a quality management system including proactive and reactive maintenance and also provides a detailed review of specialized equipment and equipment specific maintenance practices. In addition, participants will review the guideline annexes which provide valuable implementation guidance for an effective electrical maintenance program.

What is CSA Z463?

CSA Z463 is Canada's first guideline on electrical systems maintenance. A wide range of industries - manufacturing, oil & gas, mining, health care, education, property management and transportation - use complex electrical equipment that requires regular maintenance to help establish peak performance and safety. A well managed electrical maintenance program will help ensure that the right decisions are made to help mitigate the risks of costly downtime and worker injuries while protecting property and managing operational efficiencies.

CSA Z463 Maintenance of Electrical Systems was developed to provide strategies and processes that can help you protect your workers, your property, and extend the life of your electrical systems.

Z463 complements the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I, and works in conjunction with CSA Z462, Z460 and Z1000 to create a comprehensive electrical installation, safety and maintenance program.

Why Get Your Training From CSA?

Your instructor is a veteran electrical industry professional with years of practical hands-on experience, as well as in-depth knowledge of safe electrical installation and maintenance practices based on Canadian Codes, Standards and industry best practice. You'll be guided through a comprehensive program of study that has been developed by a team of industry professionals, many of whom had direct involvement in the development of the Canadian Electrical Code and relevant standards.

You'll participate in interactive exercises designed to provide in-depth knowledge of developing electrical maintenance programs or improving existing ones that can help increase safety and efficiency on-the-job.

CSA Group provides a wide range of Electrical Training with dates and locations from coast to coast; customized training can also be provided onsite at your place of business.

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