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Two Ways To Stay Up-to-Date:

Number1 CSA Newsletters

Let CSA keep you informed on new standards and services. The CSA Newsletters will provide you with dynamic links to new standards, seminars and standard related products such as handbooks and commentaries, as well as marketing material related to your areas of interest.

Simply select the subject areas that interest you and we will e-mail you information related to those subject areas.

Newsletter Signup

Number 2 CSA Standards Update Service

This Service will provide you with the following:

E-mail notification when an update to the standard is published

Access to download the update(s) in PDF (Portable Document Format). Some restrictions apply.

For some standards, updates (i.e. some amendments and supplements) are not included as part of the purchase price. For those standards, this service still includes the complementary e-mail notification when updates are published. However, those updates must be purchased separately, and are not included as part of this service. The update notification service is offered only for standards purchased after July 1, 2001.

New users of this Service will need the List ID for the standard. This can be found in the "CSA Standards Update" section within the first few pages of the standard.

Visit CSA Standards Update Service