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Publications Z94.3-15

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Z94.3-15 - Eye and face protectors

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  • 2015

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  • CSA

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Eye and face protection in the workplace is critical to the overall safety of workers. Typical occupational hazards and dangers specific to the eyes and face include flying objects and particles, splashing liquids, molten metal, and ultraviolet, visible and infrared radiation.

First published in 1969 under the title Industrial Eye and Face Protectors, the eighth edition of the standard, published since 2002 under the title Z94.3 – Eye and Face Protectors, helps to protect workers who perform their job duties with these specific hazards present. The standard outlines the basic performance requirements for eye and face protectors as well as specific testing requirements for prescription and non-prescription eye wear.

Highlights of Z94.3-15

  • Addition of lasers and arc flash hazards and provisions for protection
  • Revised optical requirements for plano eyewear with non-prescription reading segments
  • Revised specifications for headform used for impact and penetration tests
  • Updated Table 5 outlining provisions for types of lenses presumed to be compliant with this Standard
  • Clarification of the points of impact for face shields and welding protectors

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