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B139 SERIES-15 + ONTARIO AMENDMENTS includes B139 SERIES-15, Installation code for oil-burning equipment and the 2016 TSSA Ontario amendments to the B139 SERIES-15

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CSA B139 Series %u2013 Ontario Package

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Ontario Customers: The B139 Series-15 dated January 2015 is the version currently in force in Ontario. Click here to download the January 2015 pages that were affected by Update No. 1 dated May 2016.


The CSA B139 Series - Installation Code for Oil-Burning Equipment is an important resource that provides the minimum requirements for installing oil-burning appliances, equipment and components to help keep people and property safer. Designed for CSA B139 Series users in Ontario, this package contains the complete 2015 edition of CSA B139 as well as the Code Adoption Documents (CAD) published by TSSA in one complete package. These Code Adoption Documents serve as a collection of important amendments for the utilization of the Code in Ontario.

This Code Adoption Document makes Ontario-specific revisions to the above codes including:

  • New approval submission requirements for high pressure fuel piping to be consistent with the Boilers and Pressure Vessels Code
  • New approval submission requirements for installations that use an anti-siphon systems instead of a certified anti-siphon valve
  • Changes consistent with the Ontario Fire Code and National Fire Code
  • Only recognizing the use of Standards Council of Canada-accepted standards

We have two purchasing options available to best suit your specific needs:

  • Option 1 - Hard copy printed version of CSA B139 plus the reformatted hard copies of the TSSA CAD reformatted for easy insertion into the standard
  • Option 2 - Epub version of CSA B139 with the relevant TSSA CAD clauses directly incorporated into the Standard

CSA B139 applies to the installation of:

  • Stationary and portable oil-burning equipment including furnaces, boilers, water, vehicle and construction heaters and certain internal combustion engines
  • Additional equipment including piping and tubing systems, pumps, control devices, venting systems, accessories, heat distribution systems, central oil distribution systems, and both above-ground and underground storage tanks

**Now Available in E-Pub Format**

CSA B139 is now available in our powerful E-Pub format. The B139-15 E-Pub version combines B139 SERIES-15 - Installation code for oil-burning equipment and the B139 Ontario Amendments into a powerful eBook format with dynamic navigation and reference capabilities that provide an enhanced ability to access, interpret and calculate code requirements. Available for iOS and Android mobile devices and tablets, on desktop PC or through your web browser, The B139 E-Pub version includes the CSA B139 standard in its entirety and also includes hyperlinks to the relevant Ontario amendments published by the Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA), making it easier than ever to quickly locate and apply the TSSA references.

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