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GAS TECH - MODULE 25 - CSA Gas Technician - Module 25 - Liquid Propane

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  • 2005

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  • CSA

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Many applications involving the transfer or storage of propane involve propane in its liquid state. In its liquid state, propane has characteristics that are substantially different than when in its vapour state. A technician must be aware of these differences and the needs for specialized components, hardware, installation practices, and maintenance and repair procedures, for liquid propane systems.

At the end of this module technicians will be able to:

Describe the physical properties of propane and chemical reactions in different situations.

Identify the codes, standards, and regulations that apply to liquid propane installations and describe specific requirements.

Describe the purpose, features,types,applications,requirements, testing, maintenance, and repair procedures for ISC valves, pumps, compressors, emergency shut-off valves and bulkheads, vaporizers, meters, remote dispensing devices, and other components used with liquid propane.

This training module, covers various aspects and applications involving liquid propane including properties, characteristics, safe handling, related legal documents, liquid propane components, pumps, compressors, and vaporizers. It contains over 260 pages and includes more than 100 illustrations.

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