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Publications GAS TRADE: UNIT 17 (5th ed. pub. 2015)

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GAS TRADE: UNIT 17 (5th ed. pub. 2015) - Conversion burners

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  • 2015

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  • CSA
CSA Group's 2015 Gas Trade materials reference the Red Seal Program's trade outlines for your preparation to become a nationally recognized gasfitter. Please visit the Red Seal Program's website for more details.

Unit 17 - Conversion burners


A conversion burner is one designed to fit an appliance that originally burned a fuel other than natural gas or propane. The most common type of conversion is from oil to gas. However, you may encounter some appliances that at one time burned solid fuel (sawdust, wood, or coal) and now fire on natural gas or propane.

Although it is rare to conduct a new conversion from oil or solid fuel to gas, there are still a significant number of converted appliances in the field. Gas technicians/fitters must be aware of the safety and operation issues that apply to conversion burners.

Safe and satisfactory operation of a gas conversion burner depends to a great extent upon proper preparation, selection, and installation. Conversion burners should be installed according to Code requirements, manufacturer's instructions, and local regulations.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this unit you will be able to:

  • Determine the guidelines for converting appliances.

  • Prepare appliances and venting systems for conversion.

  • Select and install conversion burner.

  • Conduct flue gas analysis and adjust the conversion burner based on the results.

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