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Publications GAS TRADE: UNIT 26 (5th ed. pub. 2016)

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GAS TRADE: UNIT 26 (5th ed. pub. 2016) - Flame Safeguard

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  • 2016

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  • CSA
CSA Group's 2015 Gas Trade materials reference the Red Seal Program's trade outlines for your preparation to become a nationally recognized gasfitter. Please visit the Red Seal Program's website for more details.

Unit 26 - Flame Safeguard


This unit covers typical flame safeguard controls used on industrial and commercial equipment and gas-fired burners and associated equipment used to manage the burner's operation. This equipment includes flame detectors, operating and safety devices used to stop and start the burner, valves, sequencing relays, and auxiliary controls used in burner safety control systems.

The gas technician/fitter needs to be familiar with the functions performed by the flame safeguard system and the types of controls associated with it, because it is used to manage safe burner operation.

The features of flame safeguard systems for industrial and commercial equipment differ somewhat from those on residential equipment. Different functions required for a flame safeguard system on larger equipment include the addition of prepurge and postpurge sequencing and timing requirements (larger equipment requires shorter trial for ignition periods and shorter flame failure response timings).

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this unit you will be able to:

  • Describe flame characteristics and the sensors that detect flame.

  • Identify different types of pilots.

  • Identify different types of flame safeguard controls.

  • Troubleshoot and service flame safeguard systems.

  • Describe code requirements as they relate to flame safeguard.

  • Look up and identify features from manufacturer's specifications.

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