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Publications GAS TRADE: UNIT 28 (5th ed. pub. 2016)

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GAS TRADE: UNIT 28 (5th ed. pub. 2016) - Gas-fired air conditioning

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  • 2016

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  • CSA
CSA Group's 2015 Gas Trade materials reference the Red Seal Program's trade outlines for your preparation to become a nationally recognized gasfitter. Please visit the Red Seal Program's website for more details.

Unit 28 - Gas-fired air conditioning


Gas technicians/fitters may be required to install or service equipment that uses the principles of absorption refrigeration. There are two general types of systems used. One uses ammonia and water in which the ammonia is the refrigerant and the water is the absorbent, and the other uses water and lithium bromide in which case the water is the refrigerant and the lithium bromide is the absorbent.

The ammonia and water solution is used in systems where refrigeration is involved and the temperatures go below the freezing level. Ammonia freezes at -108°F (-78°C). Lithium bromide/water system cannot be used for refrigeration as the water is the refrigerant and would freeze during the cycle. This type of system is used for air conditioning where the required temperatures are above the freezing point of water.

Gas technicians/fitters are not qualified to work on refrigeration and air conditioning systems as such. However, they are qualified to work on the burner systems that generate the heat to drive the system.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this unit you will be able to:

  • Identify safety hazards associated with ammonia and lithium bromide.

  • Explain the principles of refrigeration and cooling.

  • Define key cooling and refrigeration terms.

  • Describe the operation of an ammonia-water cooling system.

  • Describe the operation of a water-lithium bromide system.

  • Describe the operation of a gas-fired absorption chiller-heater unit.

  • List the installation and operational considerations for absorption chiller-heater units.

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