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Publications CAN/CSA-Z317.13-17

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CAN/CSA-Z317.13-17 - Infection control during construction, renovation, and maintenance of health care facilities

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  • 2017

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  • CSA

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Health care facilities undergoing construction or renovation are especially vulnerable to risks associated with viruses, bacteria and other sources of infection, and an effective infection control system is the first line of defense in protection.

Since its first publication in 2003, CSA Z317.13 - Infection Control during Construction, Renovation, and Maintenance of Health Care Facilities has revolutionized work practices in and around health care facilities. CSA Z317.13 provides guidance on preventive measures intended to protect patients, staff, and visitors from disease transmission and other health problems, such as allergic reactions, that can be produced during the construction, renovation, or maintenance of health care facilities.

Now in its fourth edition, the standard follows to the philosophies of the previous editions but includes a number of changes and improvements inspired by the users of this important document.

Highlights of the Latest Edition

  • New and revised requirements for cleaning of construction sites and building components, both during and after construction
  • Updated requirements for wall materials and design in areas subject to moisture
  • Expanded requirements for monitors and alarms to maintain relative pressurization at construction sites
  • Revision of clauses on the use of the building's HVAC system for air supply to construction areas
  • Updated requirements for cleaning and testing of construction air handling units (CAHUs) between uses
  • New requirements to prevent contamination of water systems during construction activities
  • Additional requirements around orientation and training of personnel working on construction sites
  • Additional information on roles and responsibilities of infection prevention and control personnel and the Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT)
  • New and revised requirements for post-construction evaluation and documentation
  • Reorganization of the existing annexes, and creation of new informative annexes to provide sample checklists and additional guidance

CSA Group also offers comprehensive training based on CSA Z317.13 to help users apply the standard, learn how to mitigate risks, implement damage control procedures and apply innovative thinking in the field of infection prevention and control.

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