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Publications PLUS 317 (1st ed. pub. 2000)

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PLUS 317 (1st ed. pub. 2000) - Guidelines for Elementary Assessments of Building Systems in Health Care Projects

Publication Year:

  • 2000

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  • CSA

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1.1 General

The assessment guidelines set out in Clauses 2 and 3 are intended to

(a) provide professional assessment teams with a uniform approach and an integrated format to prepare project-specific status reports on health care projects;

(b) expand the scope of a hospital's accreditation to evaluate the effects of the condition and the performance of the buildings' technical systems, and of the facility management, on a health care project's functional programs; and

(c) initiate feedback on present or emerging concerns and sol utions that are common to health care projects, and to contribute to an easily accessible, universal data bank.

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