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Training/Formation Medical Device Reprocessing - A Comprehensive Review (Online)

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Medical Device Reprocessing - A Comprehensive Review (Online)


  • Healthcare

Medical Device Reprocessing - A Comprehensive Review

Who Should Participate:

  • Front Line Workers who perform semi-critical and critical medical device reprocessing in Health Care Settings
  • Community Health Care Office Supervisors, Managers, and Owners

What is included:

  • 90-day online course access
  • View-Access to relevant CSA Z314 Medical Device Reprocessing Standards

Time to complete:

  • Each lesson takes between 1-2 hours to complete

Relevant CSA Health Care Standards:

For More Information or to register:
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Online Training

Learning Objectives

  • Enhance your existing knowledge and skills to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of critical reprocessing procedures
  • Understand and apply the theory and principles related to decontamination, assembly, sterilization and storage, and distribution in an MDR Department
  • Gain an thorough understanding of the regulatory framework and legal environments that apply to MDR
  • Learn important concepts of patient safety, OH&S and risk management and the prevention of infections
  • Describe the elements of a quality system for medical device reprocessing

Online Training Overview

Effective Infection prevention and control (IPC) are important practices that mitigate the risk of transmission of infection. It’s critical that all personnel are able to understand and apply IPC concepts such as the decontamination, assembly, sterilization, storage and distribution of medical devices in health care settings.

This updated, interactive course offers twelve lessons and a final assessment to help users prepare for the CMDRT exam. Each lesson also includes a practice assessment that self-tests your knowledge and understanding of the material in that lesson. These twelves lessons cover:

  1. General Medical Device Reprocessing Requirements
  2. Infection Prevention and Control in MDR
  3. Decontamination
  4. Disinfection Processes
  5. Preparation and Packaging (Assembly) of Medical Devices
  6. Steam Sterilization
  7. Steam Sterilization Quality Assurance
  8. Chemical Sterilization
  9. Handing, Storage and Distribution (of Sterilized Medical Devices)
  10. Flexible Endoscopes (General Reprocessing Concepts)
  11. Occupational Health and Safety in MDR
  12. Quality Systems for MDR

Why Get Your Training from CSA Group?

CSA Group works in collaboration with many key stakeholders in the healthcare sector, and has developed a number of important solutions for healthcare facilities and providers. We have refined our expertise in key areas vital to helping you provide safe, reliable healthcare, including the Reprocessing of Medical Devices.

CSA Group and Alberta Health have worked collaboratively to develop a number of important learning solutions for those who provide care in community health care settings.

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