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Publications Z94.2-14

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Z94.2-14 - Hearing protection devices - Performance, selection, care, and use

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  • 2014

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  • CSA


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Hearing protection devices (HPDs) are used to reduce the noise level that reaches the ear of noise-exposed people and to reduce the annoyance and/or hazard of noise exposure. There are many characteristics of HPDs, including attenuation, comfort, and communication ability. The seventh edition of Z94.2 focuses on attenuation which, in this case is the gradual loss of sound intensity as it passes through a medium. The standard specifies two methods of measuring the real-ear attenuation provided by HPDs and outlines how to use the results to estimate the sound levels reaching the protected ear. In addition, the standard also addresses other issues related to HPDs such as fit, care, use, overprotection, selection and training.

This standard should be used in conjunction with CSA Z1007 - Management of Hearing Loss Prevention Programs (HLPP), a NEW standard that covers all aspects of the creation and management of an organization's HLPP.

Highlights of Z94.2

  • Sets minimum performance requirements for testing
  • Outlines comprehensive guidelines for protection in Annex A that can be applied to potentially hazardous activities in the home, at leisure, and in recreational environments
  • Includes informative annexes, tables and illustrative figures

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GST REG No R119441681
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