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Publications CGA 5.2-1971 (R2013)

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CGA 5.2-1971 (R2013) - Gas-Fired Waterless Toilets

Publication Year:

  • 1971

Total Pages:


Reaffirmed Year:

  • 2013


  • CSA


The application of these requirements shall be limited to gas-fired waterless toilets which are manufactured, sold and installed as a packaged, completely assembled, unit.

Gas-fired toilets approved under these requirements are intended to be installed in accordance with the Provincial installation requirements or in their absence CSA B149 installation cod e shall prevail.

Gas-fired toilets approved under these requirements shall be newly produced toilets, constructed entirely of new, unused parts and materials.

Waterless Toilets with sealed combustion system. A self contained appliance constructed so that all air for combustion is derived from the outside atmosphere and all flue gases are discharged to the outside atmosphere.

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GST REG No R119441681
QST REG No R1006017360