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Publications CAN/CSA-ISO 4903-95 (R2013)

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CAN/CSA-ISO 4903-95 (R2013) - Information Technology - Data Communication - 15-Pole DTE/DCE Interface Connector and Contact Number Assignments (Adopted ISO/IEC 4903:1989)

Publication Year:

  • 1995

Total Pages:


Reaffirmed Year:

  • 2013


  • CSA

1. Scope

This International Standard specifies the 15-pole connector and the assignment of contact numbers at the interface between data terminal equipment (DTE) and data circuit-terminating equipment (DCE) where CCITT (International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee) Recommendations X.24, X.26 and X.27 are applicable.

International Standard ISO/IEC 4903 additionally provides the dimensions of the connector housing, as well as the recommended means of providing a locking device (latching block) and connector shielding.

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GST REG No R119441681
QST REG No R1006017360