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Publications PLUS 4012 (1st ed. pub. 2010)

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PLUS 4012 (1st ed. pub 2010) - Technical Guide: Visual Inspection of Sewer Pipe

Publication Year:

  • 2010

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  • CSA

Canada and the United States:

The CSA plus 4012 Visual Sewer Inspection Technical Guide introduces the concept of distress and defect "severity" and "extent". This provides a framework to organize distress and defect codes into "primary failure modes", and maps the PACP® codes into the framework - a significant addition to accepted practice in Canada.

The PACP® provides a standardized, consistent way to evaluate sewer pipe conditions and manage TV inspection results, with the goal of providing comprehensive, reliable data to describe the sewer pipe. This data helps in prioritization, planning, and renovation of wastewater collection systems.

Exclusive Offer for Municipalities:

Municipal staff and/or their authorized agents may purchase an electronic Version of the PACP® Canadian Edition without taking the classroom training. This package includes the CSA PLUS 4012 Technical Guide as well as the PACP® training material. Discount applies on purchases of five or more. To purchase, please contact CSA Group by email; be sure to include your name, the name of the municipality, email address and contact phone number. We will respond to your inquiry within two business days.

Register for Training / List of Training Partners

For registration information on the Canadian PACP please contact one of the training partners listed below. If there is no training partner in your region, please contact us and we will help organize a course session in your region.

These NASSCO-certified trainers have completed an orientation on CSA Plus 4012, are in accordance with CSA's training policies, and are authorized to teach the PACP® program in Canada:







Brandon Conley

Northville, MI


Rowan Garnett

Dieppe, NB



Geoffrey Grant

Markham, ON

905-206-8116 / 513-878-6862

Garret Harvey

Sanca, BC


Chris Mitchell

Winnipeg, MN

204-477-5381 / 204-928-9259


Jason Roy

Langley, BC



Tanya Stephens

Toronto, ON


Become a Training Partner

Qualified trainers are fundamental to the continued growth of this program. We encourage students and currently-authorized trainers of this program to help us recruit potential new training partners who have broad industry experience and an ability to communicate that experience in relationship to the program.

For more information on becoming a training partner, please contact us.

Program Resources

More information about the PACP® is available on the NASSCO website. Here you will find a list of certified users in Canada and the U.S., frequently asked questions, data collection software resources, and membership information.

For more information on program materials or other inquiries, please contact us.

In the province of Québec, training is offered through the Centre for Expertise and Research on Infrastructures in Urban Areas (CERIU). Click here to visit their website.

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