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Training/Formation Selection And Procurement Of Professional Services: Qualifications – Based Selection

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Project managers will learn, through the QBS process, the core principals in selecting professional consultants.

QBS is a best practice outlining procedures to support the selection of professional consultants based on qualifications, experience and comptence, based on demands of a specific project. This course provides a simulated experience through the QBS process, the core principles supporting this approach, and relative strengths and limitations. As a project manager, you'll work through a series of scenarios and deal with specific challenges in order to select consultants to support your project over its life cycle.

Key Topics

  • Understand key principles supporting the use of qualifications-based selection (QBS)
  • Knowledge of the process and associated tasks for the QBS methodology
  • Understand how the need for innovation, setting evaluation criteria, developing scope of work and negotiations are addressed within the QBS methodology
  • Effective selection and procurement of professional consulting services in support of a capital investment project

Intended Audience

  • Municipal practitioners influencing or involved in selecting professional service providers for infrastructure projects
  • Procurement practitioners
  • Professional service providers

Time to Course Completion

  • Approximately 6-7.5 hours to complete all aspects of the simulation and review all resources

Registration Includes

  • 60 day Online Course Access
  • Procurement Resource Kit including forms used to support selection criteria, evaluation and interviews

Course Type

GST REG No R119441681
QST REG No R1006017360