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Z1600-14 - Emergency and continuity management program

Publication Year:

  • 2014

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  • CSA
Emergency management


Emergency management is more than just quickly responding to a crisis; it also requires having plans in place for prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery, and business continuity. The functions of emergency management cannot exist without the functions of business continuity. CSA Z1600 is a high level, comprehensive standard that provides both public and private organizations with a framework to create and asses their own integrated emergency management and business continuity plans.†In addition, it is harmonized with the U.S. National Fire Protection Associationís (NFPA) 1600: Standard on Disaster/Emergency Management and Business Continuity Programs. The goal of Z1600 is to establish the elements of a continuous improvement process to develop, implement, maintain, and evaluate emergency management and business continuity programs.

Highlights of Z1600

  • Outlines the requirements for a comprehensive emergency management program and establishes a common set of criteria for emergency management and business continuity
  • Includes program management, planning, implementation, evaluation and management review as elements of its continuous improvement model
  • Covers programs in which the functions of prevention and mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery are considered independently or in combinations
  • Applies to public, private and not-for-profit entities

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