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Publications Z262.1-15

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Z262.1-15 - Ice hockey helmets

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  • 2015

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  • CSA

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Z262.1 Ice Hockey Helmets

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Hockey helmets are designed to help protect against head injuries occurring on ice, whether from a fall or collision. It is critical that those participating in the sport of hockey on the ice are protected with equipment designed for that activity. The sixth edition of CSA Z262.1 - Ice Hockey Helmets along with CSA Z262.2 - Face Protectors for Use in Ice Hockey provides requirements for protective equipment for use in the sport. First published in 1973, the intent of the standard is to reduce the risk of head injury without compromising the form or appeal of the game.

Highlights of Z262.1

  • Specifies requirements for construction, penetration, shock absorption, retention systems, field of view, markings, and user information
  • Covers helmets for ice hockey players, goalkeepers, and on-ice referees & coach
  • Specifies performance requirements and test methods for helmets marketed, sold, and intended for ice hockey, but can apply to lacrosse and ringette
  • Includes informative annexes, tables and illustrative figures

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