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Publications Z1006-10 (R2015)

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Z1006-10 (R2015) - Management of work in confined spaces

Publication Year:

  • 2010

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  • 2015


  • CSA

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CSA Z1006 - Management of Work in Confined Spaces

person in orange suite with a breathing system climbs out of a tube up a laddar

Workers in a number of different industries – including manufacturing, mining, construction and emergency services – often perform their jobs while working in confined spaces. It is critically important to identify hazards in these working environments before work begins, in order to help reduce the risk of disabling or fatal injuries. CSA Group has developed Z1006 – Management of Work in Confined Spaces – to help address this potential threat to worker health and safety. This standard not only covers worker participation, change management and identifying, eliminating & controlling hazards, it also addresses emergency situations and threats faced by would-be rescuers. Z1006 is part of our portfolio of OHS Management Systems Standards, based on the foundation of Z1000 – Occupational Health and Safety Management.

Highlights of Z1006 Include:

  • Aligns with OHS Management System principles contained in CSA Z1000
  • Clearly defines confined space and subsequent hazards
  • Explains roles and responsibilities of management, contractors, workers, attendants, emergency response team members
  • Identifies design and engineering control measures
  • Outlines measures that help enable safe entry: entry permits/permit systems, acceptable limits, energy isolation & lockout, Personal protective equipment (PPE), atmospheric testing, ventilation systems, cleaning & decontamination, and contractor management
  • Includes a comprehensive annex providing clear and concise guidance material to help you apply the standard to your organization

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