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The Canadian Electrical Code, Part I

The Canadian Electrical Code, Part I is an integral part of the Canadian Electrical Safety System – a system that by design keeps installers, regulators, consumers and their families safe from harm. With a history dating back to the early 20th century, the CE Code, Part I, is the original, authentic Canadian-based safety standard developed to make electrical installations and equipment safer. The relationship between Part I - which provides for the safe installation of equipment and components – and Part II - a collection of individual standards for the evaluation of said equipment and components –forms the core of the Electrical Safety System in Canada.

2015 Canadian Electrical Code, Part I

Contains more than 200 updates and revisions.
Available in PDF or Hardcopy


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2015 CE Code

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2015 Canadian Electrical Code Interactive

A complete interactive CE Code reference for your iOS or Android tablet or mobile device.


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Looking for Training on the CE Code?

CSA Group is your source for industry recognized training based on the Canadian Electrical Code Part I. With a growing list of training options, combined with the flexibility of on-site or Instructor-led sessions, the CE Code has never been so accessible.

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Get Involved

The best way to get involved in standards development is to join our CSA Communities. This interactive platform allows you to discover, connect and collaborate with others who share your commitment to safety and sustainability.

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The Main Pillars of Electrical Safety Systems in Canada:
Standardization, Third-party Certification, and Regulation.

While standardization, certification, and regulation are the foundation of the Canadian Electrical Safety System, safety doesn't simply "happen". Understanding the connections between each pillar of the Canadian Electrical Safety System is the first step.

CE Code, Part I: Safety standard for electrical installations

This is the foundational standard for safe electrical installation practices in all buildings, structures and residences. Developed by committees of senior industry experts, Part I is regularly updated and republished every three years.

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CE Code, Part II: General Requirements (series)

Part II governs the manufacturing and testing of electrical equipment, including consumer, commercial and industrial products. Together, Part I and Part II of the CE Code define an integrated set of requirements that form the back bone of the Canadian Electrical Safety System.

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CE Code, Part III: Electricity Distribution & Transmission (series)

Electrical power distribution and transmission systems, overhead and underground, are addressed in CEC Part III.

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