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CNG Personnel Certification, Standards & Training to Help Keep Workers Safe

As an alternative energy source, compressed natural gas (CNG) offers many environmental and economic benefits. However, the mass adoption of clean energy, such as CNG, relies on more than just access to a clean fuel source - it requires safe and reliable fuel systems. And those fuel systems must be properly inspected to help ensure the continued safety of both the inspector and the general public.

Leveraging decades of expertise in standards development supporting the CNG industry, CSA Group is your one-stop-shop for a full suite of solutions including ANSI-accredited personnel certification, industry-recognized standards, and training tools designed to help keep workers safe on the job and demonstrate their skills.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Fuel System Inspector Certification

This ANSI-Accredited program helps you demonstrate your proficiency in inspecting CNG vehicle cylinders and fuel systems, identifying and documenting defects, and the safe handling of cylinders and fuel system components

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CNG Cylinder and Fuel System Inspector Training

Gain the necessary skills and knowledge for the most important elements of a CNG inspection and prepare for certification

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CNG Fuel Inspector Resource Package

Access a collection of relevant CSA natural gas vehicle (NGV) standards for connection devices, pressure relief devices, and fuel containers

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CNG Component Testing

CSA Group has over 90 years of combined experience in high pressure testing of fuel storage systems and fueling station components. We perform testing & certification to North American and International CNG component and container standards. CSA Group has the capability to test on-board vehicle components, CNG fueling stations, and assembled natural gas systems, including extreme condition testing. Visit our testing lab’s website to learn more.

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Get Involved
Join the Communities

The best way to get involved in standards development is to join our CSA Communities. This interactive platform allows you to discover, connect and collaborate with others who share your commitment to safety and sustainability.

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