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CSA Z662 - Oil and gas Pipeline Systems Training Options

CSA Group offers a range of comprehensive training courses updated to reflect the most current requirements of CSA Z662. They can help your organization in implementing and managing key aspects of this legislated national standard, and in ensuring critical compliance requirements are met. Our training begins with Z662 Pipeline Systems Essentials and expands with more specialized courses to meet your specific objectives.

CSA Group has been developing and maintaining an internationally-recognized portfolio of standards-based solutions serving the needs of the petroleum and natural gas industry for more than 45 years. Our training is delivered by instructors who are well-versed in the nuances of these important standards. Simply put, we are uniquely capable of giving you the knowledge that helps you comply with the standards we've developed.

Z662 Key Changes Overview Course (NEW)

This introductory e-learning course provides a high-level overview of the major updates and changes to CSA Z662 that were implemented in the 2015 edition.

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Z662 Safety and Loss Management (NEW)

This course focuses on the safety and loss management section of CSA Z662 and discusses the importance of having a compliant safety & loss management system in pipeline projects.

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CSA Z662 Pipeline Systems Essentials

The core of our CSA Z662 training offering; provides an overview of scope and key definitions in the latest edition of the standard, as well as guidance on the standard's application through all pipeline phases.

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CSA Z662 Pipeline Design and Management Systems - Comprehensive

Building on the Essentials training, this course features an additional focus on the practical application of section 3, relating to management of pipeline design and materials procurement.

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CSA Z662 Pipeline Operations Management - Comprehensive

Based on CSA Z662 Pipeline Systems Essentials, this advanced course provides greater focus on service pipeline operations.

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CSA Z662 Pipeline Welding and Inspections - Comprehensive

Discover CSA Z662's requirements for the qualification of welding procedures.

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Process Piping Essentials - Based on CSA B51/ASME B31.3

Provides an overview of the pressure piping codes and their basic application.

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