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Machines, Technology and Hazards in Manufacturing

The sheer size and diversity of the manufacturing sector brings with it a wide variety of potentially serious workplace hazards. From the moving parts of machines to using industrial robots to loud work environments, new and updated standards & training can help keep your workers safe.

For a limited time, CSA Group is offering a 15% savings on some of our key standards that can help you demonstrate due diligence and commitment to safety in your manufacturing operations and processes.

Z432 - Safeguarding of Machinery

Specifies requirements for the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance, operation, and safeguarding of industrial equipment .

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Z434 - Industrial Robots and Robot Systems

Addresses hazards associated with installation, programming, operation and maintenance of robots and robot systems.

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Z462 - Workplace Electrical Safety

Offers direction on integrating electrical safety programs into OHS management systems.

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Z463 - Guideline on Maintenance of Electrical Systems

Canada's first comprehensive guideline on electrical system maintenance including the design and implementation of effective maintenance programs.

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Z94.1 - Industrial Protective Headwear - Performance, Selection, Care, and Use

Part of our suite of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) standards and applies to protective headwear for industrial, construction, mining, utility, and forestry.

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Z1007 - Hearing Loss Prevention Program (HLPP) Management

Provides guidance in establishing a management process for an effective hearing loss prevention program.

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