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CSA Z8000 Canadian Health Care Facilities - Planning, Design and Construction

CSA Z8000 Canadian Health Care Facilities - Planning, Design and Construction

The design and construction of hospitals, medical offices and other health care facilities is a critical element in the continued delivery of quality healthcare in Canada. These facilities are designed and built with sophisticated systems and as a result, the need for a national common and consistent standard for design and construction has become readily apparent. CSA Z8000 Canadian Health Care Facilities provides a nationally recognized baseline for the design and construction of hospitals and selected care facilities.

Highlights of CSA Z8000:

  • Essential elements and specific requirements for the planning, design and construction of health care facilities, both public and private
  • Applies to all facilities providing health care services regardless of type, size, location or range of services
  • Covers new facilities ("Greenfield" construction) as well as existing facilities undergoing addition or renovation
  • Specific planning and design elements such as site and facility development, inpatient functional service, diagnostic and treatment/functional service, and support functional service

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Building a Suite of Health Care Facilities Solutions

CSA Group offers two new publications and related training programs that support safe and sustainable health care facility construction and maintenance.

CSA Z8001 Commissioning of Health Care Facilities

CSA Z8002 Operation and Maintenance of Health Care Facilities

Builds on the core commissioning requirements of CSA Z320 - Building Commissioning Standard and Check Sheets - and addresses special considerations involved in the commissioning of health care facilities.

Sets out a framework of requirements and essential elements for the operation and maintenance program of a health care facility while leaving room for the facility to shape the program to fit its size, scope of practice, and particular situation.

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