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Z386-14 - Safe use of lasers in health care

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  • 2014

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  • CSA

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Z386 - Safe Use of Lasers in Health Care

The use of lasers in health care is associated with a variety of hazards. There are a variety of sources for such hazard ranging from accidental eye exposure, misaligned laser beams, use of unfamiliar equipment, and improper handling. The latest edition of Z386 is intended to minimize the health and safety hazards associated with the operation of medical laser systems. The latest edition of the standard provides guidance based on the latest industry developments and updates for the safe use of lasers for diagnostic, cosmetic, preventive, and therapeutic applications in health care facilities.

Highlights of Z386 Include:

  • Includes engineering, procedural and administrative controls based upon: evaluation of potential hazards from laser radiation; unique problems related to operating rooms, outpatient clinics, mobile laser units, and private medical and dental offices
  • Provides guidance on laser safety training necessary for the safety of patients and health care professionals
  • Outlines control measures that apply to all facilities where laser radiation is applied to individuals for recognized health care procedures
  • Includes informative appendixes that outlines safe use of specific types of HCLSs, as well as their use in various subspecialties

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