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Publications Z316.7-12 (R2017)

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Z316.7-12 (R2017) - Primary sample collection facilities and medical laboratories - Patient safety and quality of care - Requirements for collecting, transporting, and storing samples

Publication Year:

  • 2012

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  • 2017


  • CSA

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CSA Z316.7-12 - Primary Sample Collection Facilities and Medical Laboratories – Patient Safety and Quality of Care Requirements for Collecting, Transporting, and Storing Samples

CSA Z316.7-12Medical laboratories and sample collection facilities, and in particular the effective management of pre-examination processes and activities, are important to the delivery of quality patient care. They contribute to the physical safety of the patient and provide information for critical medical decisions. The term “pre-examination activities” refers to the step-by-step processes that start with the sample request and move through patient preparation, sample collection, transport, stabilization, and end when sample examination activities begin.

This is the first edition of Z316.7, and it was developed in part drawing from such documents as: Ordre professionnel des technologistes médicaux du Québec (OPTMQ) Rules of Practice, ISO 15189:2007 - Medical Laboratories — Particular Requirements for Quality and Competence, Clinical Laboratory and Standards Institute (CLSI) Standards and Guidelines, and Health Canada Infection Control Guidelines. The standard can be used standalone or applied in conjunction with ISO15189, and can be adopted by accreditation bodies and health ministries.

Highlights of Z316.7 Include:

  • Reinforcement of the importance of pre-examination processes
  • Focus on overall patient safety and quality of care as well as patient communication, ethics, privacy
  • Personnel training requirements and competency assessment
  • Infection prevention and control including patient waiting areas, hand hygiene, and collection precautions
  • Specifications for particular elements to consider when performing primary sample collection procedures
  • Informative annexes that provide additional information on collection, handling and stabilization if samples for biochemistry, microbiology and molecular studies

Download for free - "Tool Kit for Sample Collection Facilities and Medical Laboratories"

The document, "Tool Kit for Sample Collection Facilities and Medical Laboratories" is being made available here as a free download. The document will be made available after providing your basic contact information along with your acceptance of the CSA License Agreement.

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