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Publications CAN/CSA-M427-M91 (R2016)

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CAN/CSA-M427-M91 (R2016) - Fire-Performance and Antistatic Requirements for Ventilation Materials

Publication Year:

  • 1991

Total Pages:


Reaffirmed Year:

  • 2016


  • CSA


This Standard specifies the fire-performance and antistatic requirements for new (unused) ventilation materials for use in underground mines.

Ventilation materials can be divided into two categories: rigid tubing and flexible sheeting. (The latter can be either used in the form of hanging sheets or made into tubing.) The physical differences between these two categories require that the tes ts and requirements be slightly different. The intent of this standard, however, is to ensure that the fire-performance and antistatic characteristics are evaluated in an equivalent manner.

This Standard covers ventilation material of the following types:

(a) Type VH-AS, intended for either vertical or horizontal applications in explosive atmospheres;

(b) Type VH, intended for either vertical or horizontal applications in nonexplosive atmospheres;

(c) Type H-AS, intended for horizontal or near-horizontal applications in explosive atmospheres;

(d) Type H, intended for horizontal or near-horizontal applications in nonexplosive atmospheres.


(1) The letters V, H, and AS stand for Vertical, Horizontal, and Antistatic respectively.

(2) Vertical applications are the most severe because of the possibility of a "chimney effect" accelerating the spread of the fire.

This Standard does not address the products of combustion or of thermal degradation from ventilation materials subjected to fire or heating, except as noted in Clause 5.

Note: While the object of this Standard is to establish a reasonable level of fire-performance for ventilation materials, it is recognized that any ventilation material may burn under conditions different from those described in this Standard.

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GST REG No R119441681
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