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Publications 2010 GAS CODE - 2014 ONTARIO AMENDMENTS

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  • 2014

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  • CSA
This document is intended for use in conjunction with the CSA-B149-10 Code Series. It is a compilation of the TSSA Code Adoption Documents for the utilization of the CSA B149-10 Code Series in Ontario. (Note: The Ontario Acts and Regulations are available for download from the Government of Ontario's database of statutes and regulations:

The following materials are included: Gaseous Fuels Code Adoption Document FS-212-14 effective on October 1, 2014 adopting (with corresponding amendments) CSA-B149.1-10, TSSA-DLB-2012 Digester, Landfill and Biogas Approval Code and TSSA-FA-2012 - Propane Code Adoption Document effective on October 1,2014 adopting (with corresponding amendments) CSA-B149.2-10, CSA-B149.5-10 - TSSA-FA-2012 TSSA Field Approval Code (December 2012). Also included is the B149.3-10 Code Adoption Document with corresponding amendments.

Major changes to the Propane Code Adoption Document:

  • New definitions added for “construction site” and “cylinder exchange”
  • New requirements for cylinder storage, including storage at construction sites and roof tops
  • New requirements for cylinder exchanges
  • Reiterating the need for compliance with Branch Standard #9 or the need for a full risk and safety management plan for facilities in heavily populated or congested areas
  • Including new certification requirements for valves, components and accessories for propane vehicle conversion; replacing IGAC Protocol 01-97
Significant changes to the Gaseous Fuels Code Adoption Document include:

  • Permitting press-connect fittings
  • Re-classifying clothes dryers in accordance with the certification standard
  • New section regulating unvented heaters installed in livestock or poultry facilities
  • Incorporating Director's Order FS-051-04 into the code
  • Adoption of TSSA-MFSE-2014 for field approval of mobile food service equipment.

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