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Publications ANSI NGV 1-2006/CSA NGV 1-2006 (R2012)

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ANSI NGV 1-2006/CSA NGV 1-2006 (R2012) - Compressed natural gas vehicle (NGV) fueling connection devices

Publication Year:

  • 2006

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Reaffirmed Year:

  • 2012


  • CSA
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This standard is being developed for agencies in North America to use for examination, testing and certification of compressed Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) fuelling nozzles and receptacles only. As such, the scope refers to nozzles and receptacles used in the NGV fueling system, and not to the system. The American Gas Association (A.G.A.) Requirements for Natural Gas Refueling Connection Devices (No. 1-90) and Canadian Gas Association Certification Requirement for NGV Nozzles and Receptacles (Draft CR 90-005) provided a basis for this standard.


This standard applies to newly produced compressed Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) fueling connection devices, hereinafter referred to as devices, constructed entirely of new, unused parts and materials. NGV fueling connection devices shall consist of the following components, as applicable:

1. Receptacle and protective cap (mounted on vehicle) (see 1.5, Receptacles);

2. Nozzle (see 1.3, Nozzles); brand/or

3. Three-way valve (external to nozzle and mounted in the fuel dispenser system) (see 1.6, Three-Way Valve).

This standard applies to devices which have a service pressure of either 16 500 kPa (2400 psi), 20 700 kPa (3000 psi), or 24 800 kPa (3600 psi), hereinafter referred to in this standard as the following (see 1.9.1-c): "P24" - 16 500 kPa (2400 psi) "P30" - 20 700 kPa (3000 psi) "P36" - 24 800 kPa (3600 psi)

This standard applies to devices with standardized mating components (see 1.3.9, 1.5.6 and 1.7, Interchangeability.)

This standard applies to devices which

(1) prevent natural gas vehicles from being fueled by dispenser stations with service pressures higher than the vehicle, and

(2) allow natural gas vehicles to be fueled by dispenser stations with service pressures equal to or lower than the vehicle fuel system service pressure.

All dimensions used in this standard are in metric units [International System of Units (SI)], unless otherwise specified. If a value for measurement, as given in this standard, is followed by an equivalent value in other units, the first stated value is to be regarded as the specification.

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