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Publications ANSI PRD 1-2013

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ANSI PRD 1-2013 - Pressure relief devices for natural gas vehicle (NGV) fuel containers

Publication Year:

  • 2013

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  • CSA


Pressure relief devices protect against equipment damage, loss of containment and ultimately fuel station shutdowns by prevention of overpressure in natural gas vehicle (NGV) fuel containers. ANSI/CSA PRD 1-2013 - Pressure Relief Devices for Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) Fuel Containers provides guidelines for safe operation and substantial construction & performance testing for:

  • Pressure relief devices (PRD)
  • Natural gas vehicle (NGV) fuel containers
  • On-board storage of compressed natural gas vehicle operations

Highlights of ANSI / CSA PRD 1-2013 Include:

ANSI/CSA PRD 1-2013 benefits these stakeholders:

  • Compressed natural gas (CNG) tank manufacturers
  • Pressure relief device manufacturers
  • CNG station manufacturers
  • Original equipment vehicle manufacturers
  • Additional vehicle & station component manufacturers
  • Vehicle mechanics and conversion shops

Major additions to this second-edition standard include:

  • Pressure & temperature tolerances
  • Resistance to automotive fluid exposure
  • Ultraviolet resistance of external surfaces
  • Impact due to drop test
  • Ozone and oxygen aging
  • Accelerated life test
  • Accelerated cyclic corrosion test
  • High pressure activation and flow rate
  • Component literature

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GST REG No R119441681
QST REG No R1006017360