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Publications ANSI/CSA NGV 4.2-2014/CSA 12.52-2014

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ANSI/CSA NGV 4.2-2014/CSA 12.52-2014 - Hoses for natural gas dispensing systems

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  • 2014

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  • CSA
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This is the second edition of ANSI/CSA NGV 4.2-2014 - CSA 12.52-2014, Hoses for natural gas dispensing systems. This second edition supersedes the previous ANSI NGV 4.2-1999 - CSA 12.52-M99 edition published in 1999.


This standard establishes requirements for newly manufactured compressed natural gas hose assemblies, intended for use in natural gas dispensing stations.

Hose assemblies may be categorized by the following classes:

Class A: Hose Assembly connecting the dispenser to the fueling nozzle,

Class D: Hose assemblies used on other station equipment.

Note: Refer to ANSI NGV 3.1-2014 - CSA 12.3-2014, Part 22 for Class B and C vehicle hoses.

The requirements of this standard may be superseded by an application specific standard.

Hose assemblies certified under this standard may be assembled at the point of manufacture of the bulk hose, or at hose assembly facilities authorized by the bulk hose manufacturer.

This standard does not apply to hoses with a working pressure of less than 2 psi.

All dimensions used in this standard are in metric units [International System of Units (SI)], unless otherwise specified. If a value for a measurement, as given in this standard, is followed by an equivalent value in other units, the first stated is to be regarded as the specification.

All references to pressure throughout this document are to be considered gauge pressures unless otherwise specified.

Annex A (Applications Summary Table) provides clarification of the applicability of each clause in this standard to each Class of hose assemblies.

The Reference publications contains a list of standards specifically referenced in this standard, and sources from which these reference standards may be obtained. It includes both U.S., and Canadian reference standards where applicable.

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