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B701HB-18 - Helping worker-carers in your organization

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  • 2018

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  • CSA


This is the first edition of CSA B701HB, Helping worker-carers in your organization. This Handbook has been developed to support the implementation of CSA B701, Carer-inclusive and accommodating organizations.

CSA Group gratefully acknowledges the valuable work of Dr. Allison Williams, Dr. Amin Yazdani, and Ashleigh Patterson, the authors of this Handbook.


There are more than 5.6 million employees in Canada, representing approximately 35% of the workforce, with adult/elder caregiving responsibilities. Lack of workplace support can result in these individuals, also known as worker-carers, leaving the workforce, missing work days, taking early retirement, and experiencing reduced productivity. These costs to employers can be avoided.

Given that all workplaces are affected by the demands placed upon worker-carers and the changing nature of carer responsibilities (e.g., fewer publicly provided community services, a growing number of male caregivers), it is incumbent upon Canadian workplaces to implement carer-inclusive and accommodating workplace practices. In many jurisdictions, this is also a legal requirement. Doing so provides many advantages for worker-carers and the employer, particularly given skilled labour shortages.

This Handbook assists organizations in implementing a comprehensive carer-inclusive and accommodating program including:

• Establishing the roles of senior management

• Engaging workers

• Setting policy

• Understanding and incorporating legal, social, and ethical requirements

• Reviewing internal practices

• Identifying gaps and barriers

• Training and communicating

• Providing accommodation and an emergency response plan

• Monitoring and measuring progress

• Performing audits, management reviews, and continual improvement

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