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Equipment and Machinery Safety

Safe design and performance of both mobile and fixed machinery of many types. Also includes standards on safe work practices and training for machine operators and inspectors.

  • Agricultural Equipment

    Agricultural Equipment

    Various Standards on Agricultural Equipments such as ROPS, Mining Machine, Tractors, Towed Equipment, Front-end Loader and Wheeled Tractors.

  • Forestry Equipment

    Forestry Equipment

    Standards in the forestry equipment program apply to machinery that is used not only in the forestry but also for earthmoving and for agricultural tractors.

  • Industrial Robotics

    Industrial Robotics

    Applies to the manufacture, remanufacture, rebuild, installation, safeguarding, maintenance and repair, testing and start-up, and personnel training requirements for robot systems.

  • Ladders


    Portable ladders can be readily carried or moved and are intended for use by one person at a time (other than trestle ladders that are specifically designed for use by 2 persons at the same time).

  • Lift Trucks

    Lift Trucks

    Covers lift truck safety and how to minimize the risk of injuries. Elements of a lift truck safety program, and areas such as lift truck design, construction, maintenance, inspection, and safe operation.

  • Machine Safety

    Machine Safety

    Describes varies requirements for safe operation of machines. Included are suspended equipment, power presses, and power forging machinery. Safeguarding of machinery is also mentioned.

  • Mine Safety Standards

    Mine Safety Standards

    Standards in the Mine Safety program are used as a foundation for aspects of mining operation. Included are standards on the installation of electrical equipment, standards on specific mining.

  • Overhead Travelling Cranes

    Overhead Travelling Cranes

    Overhead travelling cranes and other equipment having like characteristics are used to lift and move materials. The standard covers design, inspection, testing, maintenance, and safe operation.

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