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Personal Protective Equipment

Design, performance, selection use, and maintenance of many kinds of personal protective equipment.

  • Eye and Face Protection

    Eye and Face Protection

    This Standard applies to eye and face protectors used in all occupational and educational operations or processes involving hazards to the eyes or face.

  • Fall Protection

    Fall Protection

    Standards and Guidelines on fall protection devices and systems. It also addresses engineering advice for the design and installation of fall protection systems.

  • Hearing Protection

    Hearing Protection

    Hearing protection such as earplugs, earmuffs, communication headsets, and helmets equipped with earmuffs were covered within the Z94.2 standard.

  • High Visibility Apparel

    High Visibility Apparel

    Standards included are high visibility safety apparel which states the specific requirements for occupational apparel and selection, care and use of high visibility safety apparel.

  • Industrial Head Protection

    Industrial Head Protection

    This Standard applies to protective headwear for industrial, construction, mining, utility, and forestry workers. It defines the areas of the head that are to be protected and basic performance requirements.

  • Protective Footwear

    Protective Footwear

    This section includes the standard for new protective footwear and a guideline on the selection, care and use of protective footwear.

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