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Publications CAN/CSA-ISO 5356-1:15

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CAN/CSA-ISO 5356-1:15 - Anaesthetic and respiratory equipment — Conical connectors — Part 1: Cones and sockets (Adopted ISO 5356-1:2015, fourth edition, 2015-03-15)

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  • 2015

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  • CSA

CSA Preface

This is the second edition of CAN/CSA-ISO 5356-1, Anaesthetic and respiratory equipment — Conical connectors — Part 1: Cones and sockets, which is an adoption without modification of the identically titled ISO (International Organization for Standardization) Standard 5356-1 (fourth edition, 2015-03-15). It supersedes the previous edition published in 2008 as CAN/CSA-Z5356-1 (adopted ISO 5356-1:2004, with Canadian deviations).


This part of ISO 5356 specifies dimensional and gauging requirements for cones and sockets intended for connecting anaesthetic and respiratory equipment, e.g. in breathing systems, anaesthetic gas scavenging systems, and vaporizers. The cones and sockets are therefore not regarded as devices in their own right.

This part of ISO 5356 gives requirements for the following cones and sockets:

— 8,5 mm and 11,5 mm sizes intended for use in neonatal and paediatric breathing systems;

— 15 mm and 22 mm sizes intended for general use in breathing systems;

— 22 mm latching sockets (including performance requirements);

— 23 mm size intended for use with vaporizers, but not for use in breathing systems;

— 30 mm size intended for the connection of a breathing system to an anaesthetic gas scavenging system.

This part of ISO 5356 does not specify the medical devices and accessories on which these cones and sockets are to be provided.

Requirements for the application of cones and sockets are not included in this part of ISO 5356, but are or will be given in the relevant International Standards for specific medical devices and accessories.

NOTE Requirements for screw-threaded weight-bearing connectors are specified in ISO 5356-2.

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