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Personnel Competence Medical Gas Piping Installer Certification

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Certifies Journeyperson and Apprentice pipe trades workers on piping installations during hospital construction.

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Medical Gas Piping Installer Certification

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Applicable Industries

Piping Industry Tradespersons that are Journeypersons or Registered Apprentices in the following occupations:

  • Plumber
  • Steamfitter
  • Pipefitter

Program Highlights

Standardizes the skills and knowledge of piping industry Journeypersons and Registered Apprentices.


  • Allows tradespersons to work safely and successfully in medical gas pipeline installation projects
  • Ensure hospitals are built with workers trained to the best standards available.

Med G.A.S. Resources


Certificate of Qualification for Plumber or Steamfitter/Pipefitter (Provincial or Red Seal)

Certificate of successful completion of medical gas training course is required including:

  1. Minimum of 32 hours of classroom/theory; and
  2. Minimum of 4 hours of practical including brazing and purging procedures.

CSA Group recognized training courses are offered through:

Training courses may be offered through your organization or through local community colleges and trades organizations. Please contact CSA to determine if your training course meets the certification criteria.

Practical Exam

Certificate of successful completion of a Medical Gas Performance Test (Brazed copper joint) acceptable to the AHJ in the province of residence.

CSA Written Examination

Successful completion of a written exam

For More Information or to register:
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Textbook / Resources:
1. CSA Medical Gas Piping and Systems Installation Personnel Certification Guide

2. CSAZ396.1 Medical Gas Standard



A partnership has been formed with CSA Group, the United Association Canada (UA) and the National Association of Union Schools and Colleges (NAUSC). This initiative will provide a Canadian piping trades training and certification national standard for medical gas piping installations that will ensure safe and productive worksites for anyone involved in installation and maintenance of piping systems in all areas of the piping industry in Canada.

The acronym Med G.A.S. stands for Medical Gas Piping and Systems Installation.


CSA Group will provide the written exam which ensures compliance to the CSAZ396-1 Medical Gas Standard. The UA Med G.A.S program will prepare Journeyperson and Apprentice pipe trades workers to complete medical gas piping installations with the skills and abilities to complete the work safely and securely in all forms of construction and maintenance operations in the hospital construction industry.

Compliance with the CSAZ396-1 Medical Gas Standard along with the Med G.A.S program will ensure hospitals will be built with workers trained to the best standards available.

Minimum Candidate Qualifications

The Med G.A.S. Personnel Certification tests each candidate's knowledge to ensure the candidate possesses the knowledge and skills of a minimally qualified candidate. The minimally qualified candidate will possess the necessary knowledge for the following (but not limited to):

  • CSA-Z7396-1 Standard requirements.
  • Medical Gas Tools and Equipment
  • Principles of Medical Gas Pipeline Systems
  • Brazing & Purging theory
  • Certification requirements
  • Hospital Shutdowns
  • Practical Brazing & Purging
  • Installation Tests

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