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Publications ASME-BPVC-X-2017

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ASME-BPVC-X-2017 - Section 10 - Fiber-reinforced plastic pressure vessels

Publication Year:

  • 2017


  • ASME
ASME-BPVC-X-2017 provides requirements for construction of a fiber-reinforced plastic pressure vessel (FRP) in conformance with a manufacturer's design report. It includes production, processing, fabrication, inspection and testing methods required for the vessel. Section X includes three Classes of vessel design: Class I and Class III - qualification through the destructive test of a prototype; and Class II - mandatory design rules and acceptance testing by nondestructive methods. These vessels are not permitted to store, handle or process lethal fluids. Vessel fabrication is limited to the following processes: bag-molding, centrifugal casting and filament-winding and contact molding. Rules pertaining to the use of the single ASME certification mark with the RP designator are also included.

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