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Publications ASME-BPVC-XII-2017

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ASME-BPVC-XII-2017 - Section 12 - Rules for construction and continued service of transport tanks

Publication Year:

  • 2017


  • ASME
ASME-BPVC-XII-2017 provides requirements for construction and continued service of pressure vessels for the transportation of dangerous goods via highway, rail, air or water at pressures from full vacuum to 3,000 psig and volumes greater than 120 gallons. "Construction" is an all-inclusive term comprising materials, design, fabrication, examination, inspection, testing, certification, and over-pressure protection. "Continued service" refers to inspection, testing, repair, alteration, and recertification of a transport tank that has been in service. Rules pertaining to the use of the single ASME certification mark with the T, TD, and TV designators are included.

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GST REG No R119441681
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