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Please note that this product has been discontinued.

CSA Z1000-06 Occupational Health and Safety Management Smart CD-ROM

Welcome to CSA Z1000-06 SMART CD-ROM Support Page. It is the intent to update this page as new information becomes available, so please check this site periodically.

Should you require further assistance, please call techsupport at (416) 747-2233 or 1-800-463-6727.

Download Updates

Update 1 is now available for download!

This update includes the ability to open the instructional modules using Internet Explorer 7. It is with the understanding that IE 7 has been installed completely upon installing the Update.

To install the Update: **Make sure all other programs are close.

  1. Click on    Download Z1000-06 Update to begin the process
  2. Click on Open
  3. Double-click on the file Z1000-06_Patch1.exe
         *Install Shield Wizard will begin the auto installation
  4. Click on Update
  5. Click on Finish and your Update is complete
  6. Re-start the Z1000-06 program

When opening the instructional modules on the internet explorer:

(Place your mouse over or click each thumbnail image below to see its high-resolution image.)

  1. Click on the bar
    Screen shot: Open the instructional modules on the Internet Explorer
  2. Click on "Allow Blocked Content..."
    Screen shot: Please allow blocked content