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Training/Formation Reducing your Organizational Environmental Impact ISO 14064-2 Essentials - Greenhouse Gas Projects

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Provides background/introduction to reducing your organizationís carbon footprint through greenhouse gas projects.

Duration: 2 days

What Others Bought

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    ISO 14064 PACKAGE

    ISO 14064 PACKAGE - Consists of CAN/CSA-ISO 14064-1-06, Greenhouse Gases - Part 1: Specification with Guidance at the Organization Level for Quantification and Reporting of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Removals (Adopted ISO 14064-1:2006, first edition, 2006-03-01); CAN/CSA-ISO 14064-2-06, Greenhouse Gases - Part 2: Specification with Guidance at the Project Level for Quantification, Monitoring and Reporting of Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions or Removal Enhancements (Adopted ISO 14064-2:2006, first edition, 2006-03-01) and CAN/CSA-ISO 14064-3-06, Greenhouse Gases - Part 3: Specification with Guidance for the Validation and Verification of Greenhouse Gas Assertions (Adopted ISO 14064-3:2006, first edition, 2006-03-01)

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    Measuring your Organization's Carbon Footprint ISO 14064-1 Essentials - Greenhouse Gas Inventories

    In-depth training on quantifying and managing your organizationís GHG emissions.

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Reducing your Organisation's Environmental Impact: ISO 14064-2 Essentials

Who Should Attend

  • GHG professionals
  • Environmental Engineers
  • Accountants
  • Energy and Environmental Consultants
  • Auditors
  • Professional Engineers
  • Government Regulators
  • Site and Utilities Managers
  • GHG Inventory Developers
  • Managers and Developers of Carbon Neutral/Offsetting projects

What is included

  • Complete student binder
  • ISO 14064-2 Standard: ISO 14064-2:2006 - Specification with guidance at the project level for quantification, monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gas emission reductions or removal enhancements


  • 14064-1 recommended but not required
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Cancellation requests received more than 14 calendar days before start date of the event will receive a full refund less a $100 administration fee. Cancellation requests received within the 14 calendar days prior to the event start date will be non-refundable.

Substitution of event attendee will be permitted at any time prior to the start date. Participant substitutions are permitted at any time prior to the start of the event. Please ensure that the substitute has met any prerequisite requirements.

Payment must be received in full before the event. CSA reserves the right to cancel any event and will, in such case, fully refund all registration fees. No liability is assumed by the organizers for changes in conference dates, content, speakers or venue.

Learning Objectives

In this second of a 3-part suite of GHG courses, participants will:

  • Understand fundamental GHG project quantification, monitoring and reporting concepts and techniques.
  • Interpret how to utilize the ISO 14064-2 Standard for projects in order to make informed decisions (cost/benefit analysis) on GHG project accounting.
  • Recognize how to select, establish, justify or explain and document procedures required to conform to the ISO 14064-2 standard and the WBCSD protocol.
  • Appreciate the importance of an appropriate and credible baseline scenario selection.

Course Overview

This course provides a background and introduction to greenhouse gas projects - projects that reduce emissions (such as alternative energy projects) or enhance emissions removal (such as forestry projects). The course reviews the requirements of ISO 14064-2, including principles and requirements for: determining project baselines, monitoring, quantifying and reporting project performance, validation and verification requirements.

Additionally, the course explores the linkages between ISO 14064-2 and other GHG protocol, such as the WBCSD/WRI Protocol for projects and the Voluntary Carbon Standard. Potential linkages with the Clean Development Mechanism will also be discussed.

Why Get Your Training from CSA Group?

Credibility -On behalf of Standards Council of Canada (SCC), CSA group administers the International Secretariat of ISO/TC207/SC7 on GHG Management and related activities. This international committee is responsible for the development of the ISO 14064 series of standards on Greenhouse gases and CSA Group's role and leadership is fundamental to ensure that these standards are up to date and meet the needs of the various stakeholders.

Practical Experience - CSA group administers comprehensive Greenhouse Gas registry programs, and is currently acting in this capacity for the Province of Alberta, Canada.

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