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Construction and Engineering

In every construction project, from a single-storey structure to the most complex skyscraper or bridge, standards play a vital role in helping to address important issues including safety, reliability, energy efficiency, durability and economy. CSA construction standards provide critical and innovative information for designers, builders, manufacturers, suppliers and distributors.

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    Basic Engineering

    Basic engineering principles in metrics, selection and use of preferred numbers, and numeric dates and times.

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    Building Products

    Asphalt building products such as shingles, glass, and roofing, as well as standards and specifications for windows, doors, skylights and their energy performance.

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    Building Systems

    Certification for manufacturers of steel buildings as well as the standard and check sheets for building commissioning.

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    Concrete building materials, methods of concrete construction, qualification code for concrete testing, and evaluation and management of concrete structures.

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    Factory Built Buildings

    Certification of buildings as well recreation vehicles, trailers, manufactured homes and site preparation.

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    Concrete masonry units as well as masonry construction and related products.

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    Plumbing Products and Materials

    Design, installation and maintenance of a wide array of plumbing products including but not limited to plumbing fixtures, drains, glass lavatories, and piping.

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    Specifications for the design of industrial structures including but not limited to bridges, offshore structures, parking structures, ferries, antennas and towers.

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    Welding and Structural Metals

    Corrugated steel pipe products, safety in welding, certification specifications for welding and related products and metal Arc welding.

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    Wood and wood products for construction.

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  1. Publications

    B65-12 (R2016)

    B65-12 (R2016) - Installation code for decentralized wastewater systems

  2. Publications

    B64.10-11/B64.10.1-11 (R2016)

    B64.10-11/B64.10.1-11 (R2016) - Selection and installation of backflow preventers/Maintenance and field testing of backflow preventers

  3. Publications

    A23.1-09/A23.2-09 (R2014)

    A23.1-09/A23.2-09 (R2014) - Concrete materials and methods of concrete construction/Test methods and standard practices for concrete

  4. Publications


    S16-09 - Design of steel structures