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Environment and Climate Change

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CSA Group's GHG registries are vital tools in your quest to reduce your carbon footprint, achieve carbon neutrality, showcase GHG reduction projects and be recognized as an environmental leader. Learn More!

Business is changing. Environmental concerns are top of mind and are increasingly driving business decisions and objectives. Now is the time to position your organization as a leader in environmental responsibility and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

CSA holds the Secretariat for ISO Technical Committee 207 – the umbrella committee that developed ISO 14000 – Environmental Management – and ISO 14064 – Greenhouse Gas Accounting Standards – and manages the Canadian Advisory Committees (CAC) that provides input to other international environmental standards activities.

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    Climate Change

    Based on the ISO standards for doing the carbon inventory of organizations, quantifying emission reductions associated with projects, conducting verification and validation of greenhouse gas assertions as well as guidance for adaptation for climate change impacts.

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    Design for the Environment

    Application of design for the environment concepts.

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    Environmental Auditing and Related Investigations

    Environmental assessment of sites and organizations, including Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessment and Environmental Compliance Auditing.

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    Environmental Labeling

    Labels and declarations that provide information about a product or service in terms of its overall environmental character and/or a specific environmental aspect.

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    Environmental Management Systems

    ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems standard and supporting documents as well as related environmental management systems standards for specific sectors.

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    Environmental Performance Evaluation and Communication

    Guidelines for environmental management and reporting on environmental performance.

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    Environmental Technology

    Description, measurement, barriers and limits of environmental and occupational noise and acoustics in industrial, institutional or commercial settings, as well as hearing conservation.

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    Life Cycle Assessment

    Environmental aspects and potential environmental impacts throughout a product's life cycle from raw material acquisition through production, use, end-of-life treatment, recycling and final disposal.

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    Sustainable Forest Management

    Maintenance and enhancement of long-term health of forest ecosystems, while providing ecological, economic, social, and cultural opportunities for the benefit of present and future generations.

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    Water Management

    Management of water services including wastewater, drinking water, water supply as well as water structures such as storm water retention ponds and pipelines.

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  1. Publications

    Z2010-10 (R2015)

    Z2010-10 (R2015) - Requirements and guidance for organizers of sustainable events

  2. Publications

    CAN/CSA-ISO 19011:12 (R2017)

    CAN/CSA-ISO 19011:12 (R2017) - Guidelines for auditing management systems (Adopted ISO 19011:2011, second edition, 2011-11-15)

  3. Publications

    Z768-01 (R2016)

    Z768-01 (R2016) - Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

  4. Publications

    Z783-12 (R2016)

    Z783-12 (R2016) - Deconstruction of buildings and their related parts

  5. Publications

    CAN/CSA-Z769-00 (R2013)

    CAN/CSA-Z769-00 (R2013) - Phase II Environmental Site Assessment