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Standards & Codes

CSA Group Standards & Codes

Since 1919, CSA Group has become the largest standards development organization in Canada. Our standards and codes are developed and maintained through the contributions of a wide body of volunteer experts, including industry, academia, governments, regulators and consumers - through an impartial, responsive and efficient consensus-based approach. CSA Group standards have an enormous impact on safety, the environment, the global economy and can help foster the wider acceptance and adoption of new or innovative technologies. They help us achieve our goal: helping make the world a better, safer, more sustainable place, where standards work for people and business.

▾ Business Management

A wide range of products that help organizations with their ISO 9001 quality management systems, as well as standards for risk management, privacy, auditing and management system guidelines.

▾ Construction & Engineering

CSA Group publishes and maintains 175 construction & engineering standards in areas such as building construction & maintenance, concrete, wood products, structures, welding, plumbing, sustainable construction practices and more.

▾ Electrical

Since 1927, CSA Group's Canadian Electrical Code has provided the signature standards for addressing shock and fire hazards of electrical products in Canada. Developed in collaboration with industry experts, we have over 700 standards and application tools that keep you safer.

▾ IT & Telecommunication

Fast and reliable communication systems depend on technical compatibility and efficient operations - the focus of CSA Group standards for IT & Telecommunications. Our standards solutions cover basic telephone wiring and equipment to the complex systems and security.

▾ Infrastructure & Public Works

Standards that help support the effective management of municipal infrastructure assets. These standards cover a range of topics including buildings in northern climates, managing snow, community drainage systems, mapping of underground infrastructure and more.

▾ Mechanical & Industrial Equipment

Safe operations of mechanical and industrial equipment are the focus of CSA Group standards and codes for this area, and include: elevators and other lifting devices, boilers & pressure vessels, refrigeration equipment, the transportation of dangerous goods, school buses, and even amusement rides.

▾ Occupational Health & Safety

CSA Group facilitated the development of Canada's first standard for hard hats in 1948 and has remained committed to providing a comprehensive suite of standards solutions for Occupational Health & Safety that help in achieving safety and compliance objectives.

▾ Public & Community Safety

CSA Group's public and community safety standards help to ensure that products, services and processes are designed to protect people within their communities - from hockey rinks to playgrounds. Our standards solutions include: Accessibility, Emergency Management and Injury Prevention.