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Publication Formats

CSA Standards and Codes

CSA Group Publication Formats

Not everyone works the same way. Thatís why CSA Group standards and related publications are available in a range of formats to suit your specific needs. Whether youíre in the office, in the field or on the road, you can easily access CSA standards that help improve safety, efficiency and sustainability across a wide range of industries.

Learn more about our available publication formats. Please note that not all standards and documents are available in all formats.


Take your publication anywhere by using your e-reader to view on your tablet / mobile device.


A printed, physical copy of your publication, typically bound like a book.


With animation, enhanced navigation and markup capabilities, you can easily access important standards and codes from your tablet, mobile device, desktop PC or view through any web browser.


View your publication on your PC / MAC with Adobe Reader or equivalent.


A PDF format document that clearly shows the changes between current and previous editions.


Access important standards and codes via physical media that must be plugged into your PC in order to view the content.