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Public and Community Safety

In life, one size does not fit all. Whether the issue is head protection on the hockey rink, child safety in the playground, or the needs of older persons or people with disabilities, CSA public and community safety standards help to ensure that products, services and processes are designed to fit the people they're intended to protect or serve. CSA's innovative solutions for Public and Community safety include: Accessibility, Emergency Management and Injury Prevention.

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    Customer service standards for people with disabilities (developed in partnership with the Government of Ontario), accessible design for automated banking machines, accessible design for the built environment, accessible design for self-service interactive devices, inclusive design for aging populations, and motor vehicle transportation for personas with physical disabilities including transit buses.

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    Injury Prevention

    Standards for head and face protection in cycling, ringette, lacrosse , alpine skiing and snowboarding, and ice hockey, as well as spectator safety in indoor arenas, safety of window coverings, and emergency preparedness, response, and business management and continuity programs.

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  1. Publications

    B651-12 (R2017)

    B651-12 (R2017) - Accessible design for the built environment

  2. Publications

    Z731-03 (R2014)

    Z731-03 (R2014) - Emergency Preparedness and Response