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Publications CAN/CSA-A770-16

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CAN/CSA-A770-16 - Home inspection

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  • 2016

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  • CSA

CSA A770 - Home Inspection

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Home inspection is a critical element in helping consumers understand the condition of their home, but improper home inspections can lead to serious safety and financial risks for home buyers and increased pressure for home inspectors.

There can be a high degree of variation in home inspection practices across associations and jurisdictions. This makes it difficult for home inspectors to demonstrate that their services are thorough and add value to their customers, while customers face greater uncertainty as to whether their homes have been properly inspected. Part of why these issues exist is because there hasn't been a consistent set of requirements for a proper home inspection.

Introducing CSA A770 Home Inspection – a first-of-its kind standard developed through the collaboration of home inspectors, regulators, consumer agencies, and various technical specialists, that provides guidance on the minimum requirements for a proper home inspection.

CSA A770 establishes key systems and components that need to be inspected in and around the home, and outlines general inspection methods and minimum reporting requirements for inspectors to follow.

CSA A770 aims to help foster increased consistency in home inspection practices, leading to improved service quality and consumer protection.


  • Includes baseline requirements for the systems and components in and around a home that need to be inspected
  • Promotes a consistent set of practices that can lead to increased consumer protection and better-defined home inspection services
  • Helps provide home inspectors with a unifying benchmark and home buyers a means to compare service providers
  • Helps home inspectors provide the best possible service to clients on a level playing field
  • Supports policy development and regulatory requirements
  • Covers a broad range of building systems and components in residential dwellings across Canada
  • Promotes improved safety through requirements for inspecting life safety systems as well as the requirement to report items with health and safety concerns

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