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Publications S478-95 (R2007)

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S478-95 (R2007) - Guideline on Durability in Buildings

Publication Year:

  • 1995

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Reaffirmed Year:

  • 2007


  • CSA

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Intended Use

CSA S478-95 provides a framework within which design considerations related to building life and durability can be organized and addressed. The Guideline assumes that the objective of the designer will be to provide a building which will be durable and functional for at least the time period required by the owner.

This first edition has been used extensively by architects and engineers and has proven to be a reliable foundation for design of durable buildings.

It contains generic advice on the environmental and other design factors that have an impact on the durability of building components and materials, and identifies the need to consider long term costs, maintenance, and replacement.

Specific issues addressed in this Guideline include basic durability requirements, quality assurance, design service life, predicted service life, design and construction considerations. It also addresses operation, maintenance, and inspection programs, investigation of deterioration, repair work, and renovation.

1. Scope

1.1 This Guideline considers the agents and mechanisms related to durability and provides advice for incorporating requirements for durability into the design, operation, and maintenance provisions for buildings and their components.

1.2 The Guideline includes (a) definitions of performance, failure, service life, and other concepts related to building durability; and (b) guidance for designers, builders, owners, and operators on achieving durability by planning the design, construction, maintenance, repair, and renovation of buildings.

1.3 The durability of mechanical and electrical systems and services in buildings is not within the scope of this Guideline. Notes: (1) While not addressed specifically, it is recognized that dura bility of these systems and services should be included in an integrated design. The principles set forth herein may be considered for application to a building's systems and services provided the effects of internal loads resulting from their operation are also taken into appropriate account. (2) The loads on components and the building that result from the operation of the systems and services should be considered along with environmental and structural loads.

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